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Jeep Cherokee (Liberty) KJ 2002-2007

Jeep Cherokee (Liberty) KK 2008-2012

OEM# 05083344AA, 5016294AA, 5016294AB, 5016294AD, 5083344AA, 56045043AB, 56045043AC, 56045043AD, 56045043AE

Item Specifications:

  • Manufacturer Part Number: ESS/KJ/016A
  • Country/Region of Manufacture: United States
  • Reference OE/OEM Number: 56045043AB, 56045043AC, 5083344AA, 56045043AD, 56045043AG, 56045043AE, 5016294AA, 5016294AB, 5016294AD
  • Other Part Number: SLS237
  • Brand: Standard

Brake Light Switch for Jeep Cherokee (Liberty) KJ & KK 2002-2012 ESS/KJ/016A

وحدة SKU: ESS/KJ/016A
ضريبة شاملة
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