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1 x Oil Filter

1 x Air Filter

1 x Cabin / Pollen Filter

Item Specifications:

  • Brand: VIDARR
  • Type: Service Kit
  • Interchange Part Number: WP10142, F0142, P3958WS, FI1255C, LAO1508, CF12000, 1 987 435 095, ALA-18028, MD-8814, F 026 400 586, MA 3474, EAF933, PA7851, CA11877, AG 1791, FA-929S, ELP 9455, C 27 047, 18651, PA3204, A1954, S 3A73 A, A2622, 30.A73.00, V33-0044, WA9863
  • Manufacturer Warranty: 1 Year
  • Items Included: Air Filter, Cabin Air Filter, Oil Filter
  • Manufacturer Part Number: 54CHFAF+14CHFCF+CH11665/WL10010/5FTFOF, FSK/KL/003A
  • Reference OE/OEM Number: 68223044AA, 68223044AB, 68535619AA, 52022376AA, 52022378AA, 52022378AB, 68191349AA, 68191349AB, 68191349AC

OEM: 68191349AA, 68191349AB, 68191349AC,68223044AA, 68223044AB, 68535619AA,52022376AA, 52022378AA, 52022378AB

Jeep Cherokee KL 3.2L 2014-2020

Filter Service Kit Oil Air Cabin for Jeep Cherokee KL 3.2L 2014-2018 FSK/KL/003A

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