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Inner diameter [mm]: 23, 0

Bolts Included

Dodge Caliber PM 2007-2012

OEM# 05105566AA 5105566AA 05105101AA 05105101AB 05105101AC 5105101AA 5105101AB 5105101AC 06106097AA 06104388AA 06106229AA 68094369AA 68407445AA 6106097AA 6104388AA 6106229AA 05105103AA 05105103AB 05105103AC 5105103AA 5105103AB 5105103AC

Item Specifications:

  • Type: Anti Roll / Sway Bar Repair KIT
  • Manufacturer Part Number: SAR/PM/014A
  • Reference OE/OEM Number: 05105103AA, 05105103AB, 05105103AC, 5105103AA, 5105103AB, 5105103AC, 05105566AA, 5105566AA, 05105101AA, 05105101AB, 06104388AA, 06106229AA, 68094369AA, 5105101AA, 5105101AB, 5105101AC, 6106229AA, 6104388AA, 6106097AA, 68407445AA
  • Kit or Single Part: Kit
  • Placement on Vehicle: Front, Left, Right
  • Other Part Number: 011CHZGS, R4
  • Brand: NTY / MOPAR

2x Front Sway Bar Bush & Bracket for Dodge Caliber PM 2007-2012 SAR/PM/014A 23mm

Sales Tax Included
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