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Left & Right Knuckle


With Bolts & Nuts


Jeep Cherokee KL 2014-2023 All Engines


OEM# 05090070AC, 05090070AD, 05090070AE, 05090071AC, 05090071AD, 05090071AE, 05090072AC, 05090072AD, 05090072AE, 05090073AC, 05090073AD, 05090073AE, 5090070AC, 5090070AD, 5090070AE, 5090071AC, 5090071AD, 5090071AE, 5090072AC, 5090072AD, 5090072AE, 5090073AC, 5090073AD, 5090073AE



  • Brand: VIDARR
  • Manufacturer Part Number: SBRK/KL/004A, A4AA4O2FF2

6 x Rear Knuckle Bush Kit & Bolts for Jeep Cherokee KL 2014-2023 SBRK/KL/004A

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