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With Additional Third Socket

BNB = Electronic Stability Control

Jeep Liberty KK 2008-2012

OEM# 05156106AA 05156106AB 05156106AC 05156106AD 05156106AE 05156106AF 05156106AG 68339336AA 68339336AB 5156106AA 5156106AB 5156106AC 5156106AD 5156106AE 5156106AF 5156106AG 68193280AB 68339336AA 68339336AB 68000477AA 68003216AA 68003216AB 68003216AC 68003216AD 68003216AE 68003216AF 68003216AG 68003216AH

Item Specifications:

  • Manufacturer Part Number: ESS/KK/016A
  • Reference OE/OEM Number: 5156106AD, 5156106AE, 5156106AF, 5156106AG, 68339336AA, 68339336AB, 68000477AA, 68193280AB, 05156106AA, 05156106AB, 05156106AC, 05156106AD, 05156106AE, 05156106AF, 05156106AG, 68003216AB
  • Airbag Part Type: Airbag Sensor
  • Brand: VIDARR
  • Type: Steering Wheel

Clockspring Squib for Jeep Liberty KK 2008-2012 ESS/KK/016A

Sales Tax Included
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