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Brand: BTS / NTY

Brand New Front Brakes Repair KIT for:

  • Repair KIT Contains :
  • 2 x Front Brake Disc
  • 1 x Brake Pad SET
  • 2 x Front Brake Caliper
  • 2 x Front Brake Caliper Bracket
  • Jeep Cherokee (Liberty) KJ 2002-2007


OEM# 5066423AA, 5066422AA, 5066427AA, 5019984AA, 52128247AA, 5066428AA, 5019986AA


Other Part Numbers:: HKP-CH-005, HTP-CH-013

Front Brakes Repair KIT for Jeep Cherokee (Liberty) KJ 2002-2007 BRK/KJ/017A

Sales Tax Included
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