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With Transmission Filter & Gasket

Automatic Transmission type: W5A580 / NAG1

Jeep Grand Cherokee WK 3.0CRD 2005-2010

All Models

OEM# 05166827AA 05166827AB 05189122AA 68021352AA 5166827AA 5166827AB 5189122AA 52108323AB 52108323AC 68001279AA 52108324AB 52108324AC 68001278AA 68021352AA 05080262AA 5080262AA 52108308AA 05073878AA 52108325AA 52108332AB 52108332AA

Item Specifications:

  • Manufacturer Part Number: ATP/WK/016A
  • Reference OE/OEM Number: 05166827AA, 05166827AB, 05189122AA, 68021352AA, 52108323AB, 5189122AA, 5166827AB, 5166827AA, 52108323AC, 68001279AA, 52108324AB, 52108324AC, 68001278AA, 05080262AA, 5080262AA, 52108308AA, 05073878AA, 52108325AA, 52108332AB, 52108332AA
  • Other Part Number: A0MEEAT, FT1214
  • Brand: NTY

Gearbox Filter + Adapter Plug for Jeep Grand Cherokee 3.0CRD 05-10 ATP/WK/016A

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