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Disc Diameter 12.91 - 328MM

Repair KIT Contains :

2 x Rear COATED Brake Disc

1 x Rear CERAMIC Brake Pads SET

1 x Rear Brake Caliper Left

1 x Rear Brake Caliper Right

Chrysler Voyager/Grand Voyager RT 2012-2019

OEM# 4779713AA 4779713AB 2AMV9713AA 68144209AA 68159526AB 68159526AC 68144207AA 68144207AB 68144207AC 68144206AA 68144206AB 68144206AC 68039257AA 68039257AB 5143354AA

Item Specifications:

  • Manufacturer Part Number: BRK/RT/028A
  • Reference OE/OEM Number: 4779713AA, 4779713AB, 2AMV9713AA, 68144209AA, 68159526AB, 68159526AC, 68144207AA, 68144207AB, 68144207AC, 68144206AA, 68144206AB, 68144206AC, 68039257AA, 68039257AB, 5143354AA
  • Placement on Vehicle: Rear, Left, Right
  • Other Part Number: BBD5420, PRT6171, MKD1596, 1596chnc
  • Brand: B&B LPB NTY
  • Type: Brake Disc Rotor

Rear Brakes Repair KIT CERAMIC 328mm for Chrysler Voyager 2012-2019 BRK/RT/028A

Sales Tax Included
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